Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of Brisbane do you cover?

Vet Ultrasound Group offers a mobile ultrasound service for dogs and cats at veterinary practices in metropolitan Brisbane and surrounding areas. Ultrasound services can also be arranged on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and in some regional areas for 2 or more scans. Please contact us regarding availability to service other areas.

Who will be performing the ultrasounds?

Scans are performed by veterinary specialists and residency-trained veterinary consultants. Vet Ultrasound Group veterinarians are trained in small animal medicine, and have extensive experience working in specialist practice. Our medical background allows us to provide a clinical interpretation with each ultrasound performed, as well as advice regarding case management. Our vets pride themselves on being prompt, professional and approachable.

How can I book an ultrasound?

Appointments can be made by phoning us directly or by emailing the team at Appointments are to be made by referring veterinarians only; we do not schedule appointments directly with pet owners.

The appointment time will be confirmed with a 2-3 hour window. If the pet is not already in hospital, please make sure that the pet is dropped off at least 1 hour prior to the appointment time window given to allow for appropriate preparation.

**Additional Cases: If an appointment has already been scheduled, and an additional case arises, then please let us know in advance. In most situations we will be able to accommodate extra cases.

What about emergency or after-hours ultrasounds?

Emergency and after-hours scans are available by arrangement. An after-hours surcharge may be applicable. Please contact us for more information.

Who will discuss the ultrasound results with the pet owner?

The Vet Ultrasound Group will provide an ultrasound report and assessment of the case directly to the referring veterinarian at the time the ultrasound is performed. We do not communicate directly with pet owners.

How should patients be prepared prior to the ultrasound?

  • Patients should ideally be fasted for 8 hours, with water withdrawn for 1 hour, prior to ultrasound
  • A good toilet walk to evacuate the bowel a few hours prior to ultrasound is recommended, with no toilet walks within an hour of ultrasound to ensure some urine is in the bladder for examination
  • Please clip the area to be scanned
  • A quiet, darkened area within the hospital will be required to perform the scan
  • Please have an assistant available to help hold the animal for scanning

Will sedation be required?

Sedation may be required for cats and some dogs, especially where a centesis or fine needle aspirate is anticipated. Veterinarians should discuss this possibility with the pet’s owner prior to the exam. Placement of an IV catheter should be considered prior to the exam.

What about payment?

Full payment is required on the day the ultrasound is performed. Cash, credit card or direct transfer payments are accepted. A price list can be provided on request.