Information for the Pet Owner


The Vet Ultrasound Group provides a mobile veterinary ultrasound service for dogs and cats at veterinary practices in Brisbane and surrounds. To organise an appointment simply ask your veterinarian to contact us.

Preparing your pet for an ultrasound

Your vet will confirm a date and time for your pet’s ultrasound. If your pet is not already in the veterinary hospital, we ask that you take your pet in to your vet at least 1 hour prior to the ultrasound appointment so that he/she can be appropriately prepared for the examination.

Whilst our sonographers will always attempt to adhere to appointment times, the nature of the business may require some flexibility. Allowing a 2-3 hour window for appointment times is recommended.

Unless otherwise directed, pets having an ultrasound should be fasted for at least 8 hours prior to examination. Water should be withdrawn about 1 hour prior to examination. A good toilet walk to evacuate the bowel a few hours prior to evaluation is recommended where possible.

What to expect

The area requiring ultrasound will most likely be clipped to enable the best possible evaluation. Nervous, stressed or wriggly patients may require mild sedation for ultrasound – your vet will advise you on additional costs for sedation if it is required.

If a needle aspirate or a biopsy has been recommended, your vet will advise you on this process and on the additional costs for collection and analysis.

Ultrasound findings will be discussed with your vet during or immediately following the procedure. Our expertise in internal medicine of dogs and cats means that your vet will receive the best possible medical assessment of your pet’s illness. Your vet will then discuss the ultrasound findings and assessment with you.

The Vet Ultrasound Group is available to perform follow-up examinations if necessary. Our veterinarians are also happy to provide advice regarding ongoing medical care with your veterinarian.

The Vet Ultrasound Group looks forward to meeting your pet, and assisting your veterinarian to provide the highest quality care and service for your loved ones.